"Katrina is a true fashion and styling expert. When I first went to see her she helped me with my colours - I always wore black but she explained why it wasn't a good colour for me and what would work better. When I asked her to do my wardrobe I thought I would have to start over but she helped me make the most of what I have. Now choosing an outfit is a joy because I know everything I have will suit me and make me feel beautiful. Katrina's service is top quality and the whole experience of working with her makes you feel special and unique. 

I highly recommend Katrina."
KT, Exercise Rehab Specialist, Precision Movement 
Kathryn Tilbury

"I have had a session with Katrina recently to assess what styles of clutches would suit me best. Katrina listened patiently to all my likes and dislikes and measured me up and told me exactly what I should be looking for that will flatter me and for once, a stylist was suggesting things I would actually like to wear rather than things I wouldn't want to wear. 

Katrina is thoughtful and knowledgable and her follow up email contained lots of shops that she thought I should go looking in. I really felt like I'd learnt a lot in a short space of time. Thank you Katrina!"


"Katrina gives wonderful personal attention and is very talented and skilled at showing you what colours and what styles are perfect for you and your particular body shape.  She also has a vast knowledge of what fashions are available where that would suit you.  I have so much enjoyed her working with me to improve my understanding of styling."


Marry Strugar